ZENIT Bank’s Volunteer Day

On September 30 the Prioksko-Terrasny Reserve hosted volunteers from ZENIT Bank as a part of the traditional volunteer day. More than 50 volunteers came to help the reserve.

The volunteers divided into several groups, four of which took care of the reserve’s territory: they have transplanted the small briar bushes and removed big fallen branches and rubbish by the brook. Another part of volunteers went to the vegetable warehouse where they put beetroot into sacks, while a group of young helpers picked up cones for the House of Leshy.

After all the interesting and challenging tasks, volunteers took part in competitions prepared by the reserve’s staff. Children and adults tried to guess cartoon characters and forest inhabitants, collected jigsaw-puzzle images of European and American bisons. After the break the volunteers enjoyed an exciting tour where each of the participants could learn more about how bison live and look at these unique animals closer.

 “The world trend of corporate volunteering did not pass by ZENIT Bank. This movement is very new to us, we have only started developing in this sphere. However, we have already noticed a significant rise of our employees’ interest in volunteering. Personal participation in such events gets a huge positive feedback from our colleagues, gives them a sense of moral satisfaction and value of what they are doing. ZENIT Bank tries to support this tendency by holding a policy of social responsibility. Besides, the organization of volunteering activities significantly improves the image of the Bank among other companies and its own employees, fostering their loyalty.

Corporate volunteering campaigns also help to bolster the communication among different Bank subdivisions, which in its turn makes a positive input on the workflow. It is much easier to give advice or ask for help a colleague you got to know informally. There is a common situation in large companies: employees from different departments work in the same office for years, but never meet or communicate by phone only, never actually seeing each other face to face.

The main direction of ZENIT Bank’s volunteering is the environment protection. This is not a new problem, but it faces humanity today as urgent as before. I believe that most our employees agree on the importance of the environment protection. There are highly motivated people in ZENIT Bank ready to support our cause. Very often the participants of volunteer campaigns are successful, inspiring people who make up “the core” of such actions. They set an example for others and infect their colleagues with their energy. Participating in such events says a lot about the people not only in a personal sense, but also from a professional point of view. It explains why only a highly motivated employee aims for more, learns new things, develops his or her competences; such a person is ready to accept more responsibility and come with fresh ideas”, – said Elena Zvereva, the head of ZENIT Bank HR department.

The Prioksko-Terrasny Reserve would like to kindly thank ZENIT Bank employees for their help and is looking forward to further cooperation.