Young Ecologists Rally

Young Ecologists Rally of Serpuhov region was held on April 21 on the base of the Prioksko-Terrasniy Reserve as a part of an international action “March for Parks”. 11 schools took part in the event which ran under a slogan “Let’s save biodiversity!”.

In her welcoming speech the reserve development and tourism deputy director Svetlana Rodionova kindly thanked the students for their active participation in environmental activities and their interest in ecologists’ work. The event also hosted special guests like the representatives of Serpuhov region administration and Shatovsksoe forestry.

The rally program consisted of nine practical stages: animals, defining birds by their voices, medical herbs, describing a part of the forest, eco-problems solving, defining tree and shrub species, food chains, ecological situation solving and working on a text and finding mistakes.

The winners who have answered most questions correctly were the students of Raisemenovskaya Middle School. The second place was awarded to the team of Bolshegryzlovskaya Middle School, while the third went to the representatives of Proletarskaya Middle School.

The winner-schools received memorable presents, the rest of participants got sweet treats.