World Stray Animals Day


It has been celebrated every third Saturday in August since 1992 by the initiative of the International Society for Animal Rights.

The date is considered to be an occasion to look at the problem of stray animals and tell as many people as possible about their tragedy.

The problem of stray animals in Russia aggravated in the second half of the 1990s due to the uncontrolled breeding and irresponsible keeping of cats and dogs. Most animals living in the streets of large cities today are thrown away pets and their progeny. This issue is particularly acute in large cities. According to the data of the Institute of the Problems of Ecology and Evolution of the RAS (Russian Academy of Sciences), the population of stray dogs in the Russian capital doubled in last 30 years.

The solution to the problem might be the creation of shelters and the search of new hosting families for animals. The first private shelter for stray animals in Russia appeared in the Moscow region in 1990. One of the world first known shelters for stray dogs appeared in Japan in 1965 and contained about 50 thousand animals. Today such shelters are in a desperate demand all around the country. However, luckily the number of volunteers and just people who care grows every year as well.

The history of human and animals relationship has a lot of examples when the latter saved their owners from a danger or death, and nowadays many dog breeds are used in public service to benefit the society. The main aim of the World Stray Animals Day is to wake the sense of responsibility in the pet owners for their important role to prevent new pets joining the ranks of stray animals due to their uncontrolled reproduction.

On this day animal rights activists all around the world conduct a series of educational and charity events to convey their ideas of the responsible pet treatment. Also, they organize actions to raise funds for shelters and to find new owners for stray animals.