World Carfee Day


The World Carfree Day is celebrated annually on September 22 in many countries under the motto “The city as a space for people, a space for life.” It is held to promote the idea of ​​walking and cycling modes of transportation, as well as the use of public transport.

 Passive way of life and environmental pollution are the main problems associated with the large number of cars which have already become characteristic not only for large cities. The campaign aims to reminding the public about the dangers of over-motorisation for nature and man, and to show possible alternatives to this vehicle.

Events calling for minimizing the use of personal transport, have been carried out spontaneously in various cities since the beginning of the 1973 oil crisis. However, the call of Eric Britton, first voiced in October 1994 at the conference «International Ciudades Accesibles» in Toledo, just in a few years has made the action international. In the first two years the special events were held in Reykjavik, Bata and La Rochelle, and in 1995, an informal consortium of World Carfree Days was created to maintain these Days. Since then, every year on September 22 almost 2,000 cities around the world spend the day without a car. In Moscow, the action has taken place since 2008 in the format of a show and a carnival of cycling marathon for outdoor enthusiasts and athletes. By releasing special tickets, the city authorities reduce the prices on public transport on that day.

The Prioksko-Terrasny Reserve takes part in the campaign and invites cyclists to support this still unusual, but very useful “green” initiative! Only on September 22 all the guests who come to reserve by bike can have for a 50% discount on the tour!