Why Scientists Need Cranberry?

Geobotanists of the Prioksko-Terrasny Zapovednik finished the last in this season sequences of berry harvests.

We harvest berries on the protected territories not to make jam. The yields of forest berries is one of the most important indexes of the whole forest ecosystems productivity, of forest and swamplands food capacity for animals and birds  – for all the inhabitants of the protected natural area. All data on berry shrubs productivity are included in Nature Records.

Болото Клюква (О (2)

Recently our geobotanic specialists have made the last harvest of berries to track the productivity of cranberry on a 2.3 km2 raised bog. We harvested ripe berries from thirty 1 mareas. The timing was chosen specifically to seize the period of the berries ripening. The method we use to track productivity includes several steps: to weight berries in every bag, to count the numbers of collected berries from every area, to weight the largest berry of all, to weight thirty largest berries and to count the total number of berries collected.

Болото осень Калинина.О (5)