Who are they — the first kids of the Nursery

May 11, 1950 in the Central Bison Nursery the first baby was born to a pair of bison of the Belovezhskaya line, who received the nickname “Moskvityanin”, and on May 29, 1950, a pair of bisons of the Caucasian-Belovezhskaya line had a baby named “Muravka”.

These are the first bugs born in the Central Bison Nursery. In the future, all the babies born in the Caucasian-Belovezhskaya line who were born in the kennel were given nicknames, also beginning with the syllable “Mu”, and Belovezhsky – with the syllable “Mo”. So, in 1951 the Caucasian-Belovezhian male Murash and the Belovezhskaya female Molniya appeared in the nursery, in 1952 – the Caucasian-Belovezhskaya Murzilka and the Belovezhsky Moguchy.

Such a system of nicknames, proposed by the International Society for the Protection of the Bison, allows, without looking at the genealogical books, but only knowing the nickname of the bison, immediately establish where he was born, because behind each point of breeding bison in captivity is fixed a strictly defined initial syllable for names , which receive the young bison born in it.
Our Nursery began to work successfully, the youngsters began to be sent to replenish the collections of zoos. A similar Nursery was created at the Oka Reserve in the Ryazan Region. According to the rules adopted at that time, a large number of animals were sent to the periphery of the Soviet Union and the socialist countries.