While the weather allows

On Saturday, October 26th, the next open volunteer day was held in the Prioksko-Terrasny Reserve. Autumn is slowly turning into the pre-winter and we are trying to spend warm, good days with benefit for the reserve and for health.

Volunteering until recently was an exotic type of charity donation for Russia, and recently it has turned into a powerful social movement. In our reserve, such volunteer events have been held for a long time and their scale only grows with time.

For some volunteers, participation in these events has become a good tradition, and they have come to us for several years in a row. Moreover, this applies equally to individuals and organizations. Schoolchildren and students, employees of the IT sphere, metallurgical and financial enterprises are working with equal enthusiasm. People of any age and skills are never superfluous with us.
From spring to late autumn, hundreds of volunteers are called upon to help the reserve with economic affairs. The dilapidated buildings are demolished with their hands, corrals are cleaned from brooms, tons of root crops are unloaded, fences are painted, bushes are cut and much more is done.

People spend their free time and effort on volunteer work, get up at dawn, try to catch the first electric train or other transport to the southern borders of the Moscow region, to our reserve, to get to our events.

The staff of the Prioksko-Terrasny Reserve thanks all the participants, we really appreciate your help!
We will not be able to gather all our volunteers to celebrate Volunteer Day on December 5th, but be sure to call on those who visited us most of all once this year and hold a small award.