When blooms lesser butterfly-orchid

Botany is very worried – the markets of the Moscow region have increased the number of wild forest plants being sold.

In the Moscow region forests blossomed a beautiful and very rare flower – lesser butterfly-orchid. Currently, lesser butterfly-orchid is in the mass flowering, its beginning was marked on June 6.
Do not buy bunches of these rare forest plants! Do not support the destructive demand leading to impoverishment of our nature.

Lesser butterfly-orchid – from the family Orchidaceae. This elegant orchid has long been called in Russia “night violet.” Lesser butterfly-orchid is a perennial plant with two ovoid tubers. The stem has a height of 60 cm, two or three large oblong sheets are attached at the base of the stem.
Flowers are collected in a loose white inflorescence, they have a strong, pleasant smell that resembles the smell of a carnation and attracts pollinating insects in the evening. This plant is polluted by night butterflies. This plant blooms for the seventh year of life, sometimes a little later, multiplies by seeds. Germination of seeds occurs only when certain species of fungi penetrate them.

Lesser butterfly-orchid is very sensitive to habitat changes. It is protected in a number of regions and republics. It is listed in the Red Data Book of Moscow, the species is in category 1, that is, it is under threat of extinction.
Lesser butterfly-orchid – a very decorative plant, often collected for bouquets, because of what almost completely disappeared near large settlements.
Take care of rare plants!