We work without smoke breaks

Forecasters are surprised to register all new and new temperature records in October 2018. Tuesday October 16th turned out to be extremely warm and sunny! How not to take advantage of such an excellent opportunity to spend the day in nature?
And we took advantage of this opportunity. Volunteers from Moscow arrived in Prioksko-Terrasny Reserve. This time, we were visited by 27 employees of British American Tobacco Russia. It is a large company in the tobacco industry, whose representative office has been open in Russia since 1991.

Our good friends from the Eco-Center “Zapovedniki” took the lead in organizing and coordinating visits to the volunteers.
We met our guests with tea and light breakfast, after which you can work fruitfully.

And there were a lot of cases. Some volunteers took up the collection and transportation of apples. As a result, 18 bags of ripe fruit will replenish the diet of bison in the near future.
Another group fearlessly entered the pen to bison. In the eyes of a bison, nicknamed Murusik, taken aback by such behavior of unfamiliar bipeds, volunteers engaged in sawing and cleaning the territory from fallen trees.

And the female bison imperceptibly bypassed working people and crept to the place where they left their belongings in order to conduct a strict inspection. Instantly finding a hidden apple, she immediately ate it.

The third group of volunteers cleaned the paths of the nursery, and the fourth group cut the young bushes on the meadow near the 10th cordon.

Having worked well, everyone gathered on a tour of the Central Bison Nursery, although some were already familiar with bison rather closely, having worked in their corral all day. A hearty lunch and a visit to the ecological path “Through the Foliage” completed this busy day.
We are sincerely grateful to our volunteers! Until we meet again, friends!