We acquaint everyone with the reserves!

A wonderful holiday was presented this Saturday by the staff of the Prioksko-Terrasny Reserve to Muscovites and guests of the capital!

In the Darwin Museum, on July 27, within the framework of the “Meet — Reserves” Festival, a large-scale event took place — the holiday “Day of the Prioksko-Terrasny Reserve”.

The festival is organized by the Darwinian Museum in conjunction with the Russian Reserve Center of the Ministry of Natural Resources of Russia and promotes the conservation of biodiversity and the protection of rare species, ecotourism and volunteer movement in nature reserves.

The only reserve of the Moscow region tried to tell about the beauty of its nature, in the most diverse forms and in the most diverse forms, to arouse people’s interest in the world of wildlife.

The photo exhibition of the Prioksko-Terrasnyi Nature Reserve “Touching Wildlife” opened on July 23 – now all museum visitors have an excellent opportunity to see more than 100 professional photos dedicated to the bison nursery, the unique Oka flora and simply beautiful views of our protected nature. Also, our exhibition presents excellent photos of some specially protected natural territories. The exhibition will run until the beginning of August, so if you did not have time to visit it – there is still a great opportunity to do it.

The reserve staff prepared a big festive program – children and adults enjoyed participating in environmental quizzes and games, collecting puzzles, doing environmental crossword puzzles. Little visitors liked to paint animal figures and make magnets for memory.

Many thanks to our beautiful volunteers! In special costumes of bison, they met visitors and were happy to take pictures with everyone. The children immediately appreciated these big fluffy “toys” and for a long time begged the adults to take them home.

In an endless stream, visitors went to a fascinating lecture by reserve scientist – ornithologist Anastasia Pedenko, who enthusiastically talked about her work, demonstrated various navigation instruments, showed how to work with binoculars and how to map bird nesting sites using a smartphone. But the greatest interest among listeners was caused by the feathers of birds, which could be picked up, well considered and even studied under a magnifying glass.

Meanwhile, a presentation of the documentary The Four Seasons of the Prioksky Forest took place in the cinema hall. Before viewing, Deputy Director for Research, Phd Yury Buivolov presented this film to the audience, told about how the work on its creation was going.

Our event was attended by over a thousand people! Interesting communication, lively conversations could give people who came to the exhibition a lot of new knowledge, impressions and unforgettable stories about the inhabitants of the reserve and the nature of the Moscow region.