Volunteers summer residents

The school year has ended and many children have already left for the summer holidays. Someone went to the sea, someone to the village to the grandmother, and some friends to the Moscow region dacha.
Such vacationers were summer residents of secondary school 1259 of Moscow, who came to visit a friend for a few days in the village of Priluki, located not far from the Prioksko-Terrasny reserve.
The mother of the schoolboy Vsevolod, Yulia, decided to combine the rest of her friends with benefits and arranged for them to travel to the reserve as volunteers. May 29, the whole team was assembled. The day chosen is very hot and sunny! Ulyana, Dana, Kirill and Yulia herself and her son Vsevolod came to work on the Central Estate of the Reserve.

The work was done volumetric: they watered an oak seedling, a flowerbed, cut overgrown lilac bushes, in one word they cultivated the estate and completed the seasonal spring works.
We worked with great enthusiasm, although, earlier, according to Yulia, the guys never did such physical work. Tired, heated by the hot May sun, sat in a shady place for a cup of delicious tea. Our tired guests refused to go on an excursion to a bison nursery, but happily visited the nature museum. Young volunteers thanked the staff for their pleasure and promised to come again.

You guys, too, thank you very much and special thanks to Julia for her organizational skills!