Volunteers in autumn

How in a beautiful autumn weather for a lover of fresh air and reserved places to stay at home? The reason to leave the city was the most serious – the Prioksko-Terrasny Reserve held an open volunteer day!
Nature continues to amaze and delight us with sunny warm days. So, on Saturday, September 15, the weather was just beautiful! 28 volunteers responded to the call of the reserve. Many familiar faces and even more new ones who came to us for the first time.

The work took place at the Central Manor of the Reserve and the Central Bison Nursery. It is not easy to list all the important and necessary things done by our volunteers on this day.

The order on the ecological path “Through the foliage” was put in order, several buckets of acorns and a few bags of apples were collected, weed was weeded, bushes were cut.

Volunteers painted fences in the nursery, and immediately serious difficulties arose. A young bison-male named Murusik was very unhappy with the noise and fuss about his feeder. At first, he checked to see if they had brought him a feed, and not having found him, he approached menacingly and did not let anyone approach the grid.

Now the bison tournaments have a bison period and they have a fighting mood, for safety it was necessary to use the last resort and put a tractor on the inside of the fence – the bison are respected for their large size and are afraid.

Volunteers have also painted the body of the UAZ car in a smart green color, it is now very well looked. We wanted to paint the tractor at the same time, but the paint ran out.

At work, time, as always, flew by unnoticed. After a traditional tea party, an excursion to the Central Bison Nursery and the Museum of Nature was conducted. Already towards evening the bus took everyone to Serpukhov station.

We are very grateful to our assistants and look forward to new meetings this fall!