Volunteers Help to Prepare for Winter

The autumn, which much more resembles winter since the beginning of November, is coming to its end. It is high time to complete the last preparations for this severe time of the year.

And though the volunteer season is already over this year, our unscheduled Saturday clean-up on November 26  gathered quite a lot of volunteers: 17 people came to help the reserve.

Our helpers faced serious tasks: sorting out carrots in the warehouse and building a stack of wood. The volunteers divided into two teams named «carrot team» and «wood team» and started their active work. The volunteers had fun and time flew, both teams coped with their tasks almost at the same time.

After the physical exercise, the volunteers had an interesting guided tour. And our usual coffee-break, where the volunteers shared their new impressions, put a sweet end to this wonderful day.

So, here is the last group photo as a memento! The bus is taking our friends back, to their daily life. But their memories will remain, and who knows, maybe in the spring some of them would like to meet again, breathe fresh forest air and help the reserve in the new volunteer season.