Volunteers Help Science

Lead by Senior Research Scientist M.M.Zabolotskaya, Ph.D., a group of volunteers of the Prioksko-Terrasny Reserve carried out the work on restoration of the marking in the main forest biocoenosis.

One of the main tasks of nature biosphere reserves is to conduct long-term complex stationary ecological research. The results of this research later becomes the basis for the proper organization of the reserve’s protection and environmental educational activities. To conduct such a research, there are 25 hectares designed specifically for testing in the main forest biocoenoses of the reserve. They are divided into blocks with a 50 meters side by numbered marking posts and marks on the trees.

Once in a few years, the marking of the testing area is renewed: the tree marks are repainted white and the posts are repainted or completely replaced. This was the work done by a group of enthusiasts which was formed on a voluntary basis during the last three open volunteer days in the mixed forest.

“I am very glad to mention that the volunteers have accidentally formed a closely-knit group working with great enthusiasm and doing an inestimable favour to the reserve by restoring the marking.”-says Senior Research Scientist Maria Mikhailovna Zablotskaya. “I would like to thank the Kileevy family in particular, Konstantin and Oksana with their sons Vsevolod and Stanislav, who come from a remote area of the Moscow region, as well as Yuri Rashek, a nephew of a famous zoologist Vyacheslav Ludwigovitch Rashek from Moscow, and also, young Alina Rakhimova from Serpuhov, who has not decided on her life path yet. Without the help of the volunteers the work could last much longer.”

As a gratitude for their help, Maria Mikhailovna Zablotskaya introduced the volunteers to the history of the reserve, its nature peculiarities, the research methods, and of course, the reserve’s pride – the wonderful bisons, saved from the extinction and gradually returned back to the life in the wild!

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