Volunteers Help Overcome Storm Damage

The Prioksko-Terrasny Zapovednik would like to say thank you one more time to all our real friends – our voluntary helpers.

In the Prioksko-Terrasny Zapovednik the second month of summer started with a voluntary litter pick event. 38 people came to help us! We should say the help was very timely! The storm, which raged the day before, left dozens of fallen trees behind.


Our priority was to clear out the Main Wisent Breeding Center. We cut big trees in parts and used small leafy branches for wisents, as they like bark and fresh leaves. Nothing is wasted!


There was a lot of work, so time went fast. After everything was finished we had some tea or coffee as usual and proposed to choose between a trip to the Breeding Center and a trip to Through the Leaves trail.


One of our first and loyal helpers was given a t-shirt with a symbol of voluntary activity, as he had taken part in three litter pick events this season!


We appreciate you help, friends!!!!

Sergey Maslov, Environmental Education and Educational Tourism Department Specialist