Volunteers from an “Ecological train”

Saturday June 23 in the Prioksko-Terrasny reserve was, as always, in the works! Volunteers of the tourist project “Ecological train” came to us!

The number of participants was limited only by the capacity of the passenger car provided by the Central Suburban Passenger Company with the support of the Ministry of Culture of the Moscow Region, the Ministry of Ecology of the Moscow Region and the Internet portal “Guide to the Moscow Region”.

40 people came to help the reserve! They were not expecting an easy walk to nature, but hard work! The volunteers immediately split into two teams – the first one received a balloon of paint for woodwork, the second – to work on metal. Brushes flashed in deft hands. And although the majority did it only in a deep childhood, the skill and desire to paint fences always lives in every person!
Information stands were painted in the ecological park “Tree-House”, fences around the park and on the Central Manor. And finally the last pillars of the fence sparkled with fresh paint, and the workers came to rest. In the course of a friendly tea party, a contest was held for the worker’s most dirty paint, and the winners received souvenirs, and all participants received memorable badges.

As always, after a tea party, a friendly team of volunteers went on an excursion to the Central Bison nursery. True, it was not without adventure – the lock broke when leaving the nursery, and it took fifteen minutes to wait for help from inspectors armed with wire cutters. Everything ended well! And a separate car took our volunteers back to Moscow. The project “Ecological train” continues, and you can participate in it, visit interesting places, get acquainted with interesting people.
The staff of the Prioksko-Terrasny reserve says thank you to all our volunteers!
Until next time, friends!