Volunteers delivered

The delivery of good deeds — volunteer assistance, the DHL Express transport company has been conducting in the Prioksko-Terrasny Reserve for several years in a row.
Good deeds — this product is exclusive, requires careful attitude.

It all started with the fact that on a warm Saturday morning on September seventh, DHL employees arrived on a big volunteer day. In the reserve, this friendly team of volunteers was well remembered and everyone was ready for their arrival. The main thing is that everyone knows his own work front well and receives all the necessary tools and materials for the successful completion of the tasks.

A lot of volunteers arrived, so their group had to split up: one group got work on the Central Estate of the reserve, the other in the Central Bison Nursery. Everyone was not bored!

The work was carried out very large — they dismantled the old outbuilding, painted the central gate, washed the stands, the observation tower, swept the basement and did many more good things that are even difficult to enumerate. It turned out to be a hot day and everyone was very tired, but they kept their spirits.

During the tea party, both teams of volunteers reunited, noisily exchanged impressions, and together went on a familiarization tour.

It’s always nice to welcome such fun and hardworking volunteers! Thank you all very much and see you soon!