Volunteering Season 2017 is Over!

On October 21, Saturday, the Prioksko-Terrasny Zapovednik and our friends have closed the fruitful volunteering season 2017.

Weather forecast for the last day of the volunteering season in 2017 was unfavorable – rain, wind with chances of the first snow. Nevertheless, the volunteers – faithful friends of the Prioksko-Terrasny Zapovednik – were not stopped by the bad news. On a dump autumn morning 11 people came to visit us.


We started to prepare the territory of the Main Estate of the reserve for winter. Helpful hands of our volunteers were very useful to stock benches for winter, to tidy up the storage area and to clear the territory form fallen deadwood. Cold weather was not an obstacle for a friendly chat. After the work was over volunteers gathered to have a cup of tea and to reminiscence on the summer days, work done during the season and to tell some entertaining stories from their life as volunteers. Our employees expressed their gratitude to the volunteers as with their help we can move heaven and earth!


This year we have done a lot, about 500 people of different ages and skills participated in our activities. For example, groups from our faithful partnering companies had a lot of skilled in building people. But people, who just love nature and want to take part to make it better and purer also took part. Thanks to them we cleaned the stables and paths, constructed sheds and covers and made food storages for the Main Wisent Breeding Center. Volunteers gave their helping hand, when we recovered after the devastating storm of this summer. Our friends deserve special thanks for it!


We appreciate the help of every one of you, who helped us during this year! Your contribution is very important to us. We do not say good bye yet! On December 5, 2017 we will celebrate the World Volunteers Day and invite all our trustworthy helpers – everybody, who visited our reserve many times during this year – and will award them with valuable prizes!


Please, come again soon! Summer is in the wind!