Volunteering Season 2017 is Open!

On April 22the Prioksko-Terrasny Reserve organized the first in 2017 open day of volunteers, as a part of Parks Parade.

Friends of our reserve – nature lovers and protectors from Moscow region and the capital – came to work for the benefit of nature. Some of the volunteers were representatives of Serpukhov trade union committee for government and public services employees  – 11 people, directed by Lyudmila Savchkova, the head of the committee. The delegation of Serpukhov Gazprom Transgaz Moskva branch office was the most numerous and contained 20 people.

Газпром 3

The paticipants cleaned the area around the central hall of the reserve, helped to clean out the litter form roadsides of the road inside the reserve, removed dry branches form the ecological path Through the Leaves and did a lot of other good things. After their hard work the volunteers were given special bracelets, which are a sign of active volunteering and help to the reserve. Those, who collect the highest number of these bracelets during one volunteering season, will have a larger prize, which will be granted on December 5, 2017 – World Volunteers Day.


After the celebration in May we will continue litter pick events in the Prioksko-Terrasny reserve on a regular basis – one every two weeks. The dates will be soon available on our web-site. The whole team of the reserve is grateful to the volunteers for the work and encourages everyone to join the voluntary service.