Volunteer season Results

On the International Volunteer Day, the Prioksko-Terrasny Reserve sums up the results of another volunteer season.

In 1985 the UN General Assembly suggested that the governments should annually celebrate December 5 as an International Volunteer Day. Our reserve respects and values its volunteers all year around.

Thanks to our volunteers, the biggest part of important work on cleaning and maintaining of the reserve territory is being done. Every second Tuesday the volunteers help to clean the enclosures from debris, paint the fence, sort out the feed and a lot of other work. Coming with the first warm days and selflessly working till the first frosts, our volunteers spend their spare time helping nature pro bono. Having learnt the history of the reserve and how hard it is to bring the European bison back to wildlife, our helpers understand what an important and useful task they help to fulfill.

In 2016 the reserve was visited by 456 volunteers, including 321 people who came on open volunteer days (12 events) and 135 people who took part in corporate actions (4 events). It is noteworthy that the largest group of participants is women from 20 to 34 years old, one thirds of the total amount is men, and almost every Saturday there were children and seniors. Our most frequent volunteers come from Moscow, while volunteers from Serpukhov and Protvino make up the second and the third largest groups accordingly.

Today, on the International Volunteer Day, the staff of the reserve would like to express an enormous gratitude to those, who came to help us this year, and a hope for further meetings! And now we have time to get more energy for new deeds in the upcoming year, which will be very special for us – a Year of Ecology and 100-year anniversary of the reserve system. We promise that the spring won’t keep you waiting for long, and we are going to prepare a special program of a Volunteer season 2017. We are looking forward to see our constant volunteers and newcomers in the season of 2017! The participation in volunteer actions is a great chance to help the environmental work and meet interesting people.