Volunteer Day in Prioksko-Terrasny Reserve

When a person is busy with interesting and important things, time flies by. That did not have time to look back, and the year 2018 is coming to an end.
December came. A very important date of this month is the international day of the volunteer, which is celebrated worldwide on December 5th.

Volunteers are frequent and welcome guests in the Prioksko-Terrasny reserve.

From early spring to late autumn, they help us in the most pressing economic affairs. It is difficult to list all the work that volunteers have done this year. Volunteers cleaned the glades, mowed grass, dismantled old buildings, gathered acorns and apples for bison, and much more!

This year 19 volunteer days were held in the reserve, 638 people took part in them.

Summing up, we decided to gather the most active of our assistants on a small holiday dedicated to the volunteer day. Since all volunteers in everyday life are busy people, it was decided to get together on Saturday, December 8th. Someone came from Tula, someone from Balashikha, Kashira and Serpukhov. Putting aside important matters for the evening, our youngest volunteer, Lomakin Dobrynya Nikitich, a regular assistant of our reserve since 2015, arrived from Moscow. Total gathered 16 people.

Not being distracted by tea and sweets, they immediately began awarding – thanks, souvenirs, and golden commemorative medals issued for the 70th anniversary of the Central Bison nursery. And only after finishing the official part, they began to treat.

For tea, we had a small blitz survey, during which each participant told his story: how he came to the reserve as a volunteer and why he came back here again and again.

The next item on the program was a visit to the Central bison nursery. It is very pleasant to walk in the winter among the pens, which themselves painted in the summer, to look at the mighty bison, quietly chewing hay next to their feeders, not paying attention to frost, snow and visitors.

After taking a lot of photos and freezing a bit, we proceeded to the next item of the program – we were already waiting for an excursion to the Serpukhov History and Art Museum. Now an interesting exhibition is held there – “Prisoners of Beauty. Heinrich Semiradsky and artists of late academicism. The exhibition features 34 paintings, the most famous of which are “Dance among swords”, “Dice”, “Dangerous lesson”, “Christ at Martha and Mary”, sketches of the painting of the Cathedral of Christ the Savior in Moscow. The exhibition was the last item on a busy holiday program.

Small volunteers had a hard time, the excursion that was very full of information, even tires adults. But even a very young volunteer is a stable person and can withstand such a load.

The year 2018 is ending – the year of the volunteer, and we were glad to meet with old friends again, take stock and think about future tasks.

We say goodbye to new volunteer days, be sure to meet again in the spring!