Volunteer Autumn Clean-up

The autumn advances more and more rapidly leaving less time for our traditional Volunteer Days. This season last but one open volunteer clean-up took place on September 24.

This time the Prioksko-Terrasny Reserve hosted five volunteers who became a closely-knit team during their work. Despite the sunshine that day, you could still feel the autumn chill, which meant it was high time we took care of the indoor premises of the reserve. The volunteers arranged the administrative department’s storage in order, getting rid of all the rubbish and spider webs. Of course, this work was meaningful, as next season there is going to be organized a special place for the volunteer program. After that the volunteers selected the timber which will go for the production of future tools shelves. Despite the whole amount of work, the team worked so hard that they had managed to complete all the tasks before their guided tour started.

After the work and the guided tour, the volunteers had a coffee-break where they shared their impressions, enjoyed a nice cup of tea and a good company.

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