VII «Pristine Russia» festival continues its work

On the morning of February 1, the Moscow Gostiny Dvor was again filled with people.

This did not happen right away – at first, as soon as the entrance was opened, people began to go into the halls, carrying a lot of things with them and even rolling something on carts. Many of these people were somewhat different from the capital’s inhabitants. And Muscovites – guests of the festival began to come a little later, because still the day off and sleep on Saturday is the sweetest.

Thus began the Day dedicated to the specially protected natural territories of Russia. The employees of the Prioksko-Terrasny Nature Reserve, who came with large luggage, were immediately stopped by security and checked with addiction. But it turned out that huge suspicious bags contained in themselves only growth suits of bison, and in the mass of bags and packages was stored the props for master classes. But we took the test with understanding – after all, this is for general safety.

The number of participants was truly impressive!

We were next to colleagues from the reserves: Zhigulevsky, Central Black Earth, Daursky, Kuril, Komandorsky, Oksky, Visimsky, Central Forest, Voronezh, Caucasus, Volga-Kama and Orenburg.

The following national parks were present at the festival: Sengiley Mountains, Curonian Spit, Tunkinsky, Vodlozersky, Valdai, Paanayarvi, Elk Island, Lake Pleshcheevo. If right on this day on the big map of Russia to mark the protected areas that participated in this event – then the entire surface of the map would be full of marks!

Employees of nature reserves and national parks spoke with particular love about their territories, illustrating the presentations with beautiful photos and videos. Interesting workshops were held for everyone. All participants were well prepared, and not a single seat at the tables was empty! Master classes were very popular, mainly among the youngest and oldest visitors. Men in the prime of life, painting thematic magnets with acrylics, were not noticed by us, but it’s a pity!

Tatyana Demina, employee of the Prioksko-Terrasny Nature Reserve: «Today I had a chance to work at the festival in Gostiny Dvor. I am there for the first time, an enthusiastic impression! There were many people – true lovers and connoisseurs of nature. It was nice to talk. I learned so much from the experience of other protected areas! A large number of interested people took part in our master classes.»

Documentary films were shown every hour in a separate room, and two magnificent almost real Bison walked around the exposition, charging everyone with their energy, delighting children and sometimes even dancing with adults! For these positive moments, I would like to express special thanks to our volunteers Irina and Maya Sabitov, who spent the whole day in these heavy suits and were ready to help us even in such an unusual way!

The All-Russian Nature Festival “Pristine Russia” – one of the largest in Europe and the largest in Russia, dedicated to the protection of nature and nature photography, is in the midst of its seventh season.