Valuable Weekend

At the last summer weekend on August 27 the Prioksko-Terrasny Reserve hold a traditional open volunteer day.

The nature showed the first signs of upcoming autumn providing the volunteers with more work with fallen leaves and branches. However, this task was right up for our volunteers. As usual they divided into several groups and the active work began! The largest group cleaned the surrounding area by removing the deadwood by the Manor and the House of Leshy. Another group continued to dismantle the deer pen, collected acorns for feeding the bisons and also cut the grass by the pens. A group of volunteers lead by Maria Mikhailovna Zablotskaya finished the work on painting the marking for performing long term complex stationery ecological research on the testing square.

As a good tradition would have it, after an active day of hard work the volunteers had a guided tour to the Bison Breeding Centre and the Museum of Nature, then they discussed their impressions after a coffee-break. The staff of the reserve kindly thanks all the participants of the open volunteer day and welcomes everyone to take part.

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