ATTENTION! In the winter the last guided tour starts at 15.00.
The eco-park “Tree-house” and the high-altitude eco-trail “Through the Leaves” are closed for visitors in the winter after November 1, 2016.

The Prioksko-Terrasny reserve provides you with a wide range of opportunities to experience eco-tourism and welcomes you to the following attractions:

A high-altitude eco-trail «Through the Leaves»

img_7155The eight meter high eco-trail is a series of bridges and passes connected by viewing platforms. This route location lets you focus on details otherwise invisible if you take a walk. Another important point is the perception of the environment established as a part of the evolution process. Reacting to all the movements fast, you instinctively try to find high-altitude places which make you feel safe and give you a broader view of the landscape. A specially designed technical solution as well as applying modern building technologies allow us avoid causing harm to the trees which support the construction and let visitors use the trail without any additional safety equipment.

Eco-park «Tree-house»

img_7037This is a unique project which combines the principles of eco-awareness and active family holiday. It makes you acquainted with the life of the tree and all the insects, birds, wild beasts and other animals living in the soil, the tree trunk and the top in the form of a game. A complex system of rope crossings located at the different altitudes, which range from one to six meters high, includes four routes of different levels of complexity for adults and kids over four. The visitors may test themselves in some extreme parts of the complex, overcome rope crossings and suspension bridges and at the same time do interactive tasks devoted to local inhabitants and the arrangement of life in the forest, or just get acquainted with the eco-educational information on the interactive and information stands.

Eco-path and Bison Breeding Centre

DNANfC_SF30An engaging guided tour to the northern part of the Biosphere Reserve includes a visit to the Bison Breeding Centre and the Museum of Nature. For just an hour and a half eco-tourism lovers will walk more than 2,2 km and will have a chance to see European and American bisons and dappled deer in the environment almost completely close to their natural one. The tourists will also hear a story of rescuing the “bull king” from extinction, as well as the story of how the bisons saved the reserve from shutting down. Besides, it will be possible to observe the animals from a five meter high platform.

Museum of Nature

The most interesting museum exposition clearly and vividly demonstrates the animal and plant world of the southern Moscow region. The exhibits include the inhabitants of different kinds of forests such as a large leaved forest or a taiga: Wild boars, elks, roes, foxes, European beavers, and the most rare reserve visitors the lynx and the wolf. There is also a great variety of local birds, insects and footprints of some animals.

House of Leshy

P1410397Leshy Terras Terrasovitch is a magical guardian and protector of the Russian forest who takes a special care of animals and the order in the reserve. Leshy (Forest Devil) can punish those who misbehave in the forest. He misdirects, confuses and distracts from places full of berries and mushrooms. Little guests may have a look inside the Leshy’s log house and see different kinds of ancient utensils and the racking platforms for rest. Old tree trunks serve as the furniture, and the floor is covered with dried pine and fir cones. You can visit this object independently.

The Station of Integrated Background Monitoring

The station of integrated background monitoring is a necessary part of any biosphere reserve. The main functions of the station are weather observation and contamination monitoring. During a specialized guided tour you can get acquainted with the lab and weather observation equipment which is located both in the lab and the station range. You can also learn about the programs of global environmental eco-monitoring.

The access to the new art object «Four Seasons» is available to everyone absolutely for free. The object is a mirror enclosure with 3D images of the bisons. It reflects the surrounding landscape and creates an illusion of viewers standing next to the animals.