Unforgettable weekend in Prioksko-Terrasny reserve

Young naturalists of the club «Green Druzhina» told about their trip to Prioksko-Terrasny reserve.

On Saturday, February 23, our «Green Druzhina» club returned from a large three-day hike to the Prioksko-Terrasny State Biosphere Reserve. For three days the young naturalists with inexhaustible curiosity learned what it was — the end of February in a reserved forest.

It turned out that it was cold and clean snow, shaman weather dances — from the mighty snowfall to the bright sun, from thaw to twenty degrees of frost.

It is also the silence of the pristine forest with a squeak of tits and a snag of woodpeckers, with a fox that hunts mice in the field. We saw how a hare was running away from us swiftly in zigzags. These are numerous traces of fox, roe deer and elk; these are amazing snow spiders. And of course — it is the warmth and comfort of the «Fortieth Cordon», where it is so great to return from the routes. And everything that we encountered along the way now lives in our memory, in our field diaries and in our photographs. Great trip turned out! Here is what the young naturalists themselves tell about it:

Vsevolod Abdulaev, 11 years old: «In the Reserve we went to day and night routes – to register birds and to listen to owls. We met many different animals and birds, and most of all I remembered the fox, the brown hare, the black woodpecker, and various tits. The reserve is very beautiful old pine forests. We saw a lot of tracks — foxes, elks, roes, squirrels and hares. I really liked this trip, I will remember it for a long time.»

Ksenia Grankina, 10 years old: «The reserve is a very beautiful place in the Moscow region. For the first time in my life I saw a crested tit. She is absolutely tiny! Three days in the reserve were for me as a whole week, I saw a lot of interesting things. Thanks to all the staff of the Reserve, I really liked it!»

Yan Mykytyuk, 14 years old: «The Prioksko-Terrasny Reserve is an amazing place: in the summer there is a huge variety of animals and birds. Owls are wagging at night, during the day you will not follow all the birds. In the summer you could even see a black stork! You can’t say the same about winter. But, in the winter in the reserve is very beautiful and cold. But you can see traces of moose, wild boar and roe deer. And you can drop the phone in the snow and in a day find it completely whole and “alive”. I am grateful to everyone for the opportunity to visit this amazing place again.»

Nikita Kulabukhov, 14 years old — commander of the «Green Druzhina»: «What can be done if there is nothing to do on the weekend of February? You need to quickly collect things and go to the winter forest! We did this, packed our things, got on the train and drove to the Prioksko-Terrasny reserve. It is difficult to convey all the beauty and wonder of the winter forest. Although the weather was not the best, but even this did not prevent us from enjoying the trip. Each branch in the pine forest was covered with snow. And under the trees there are a lot of tracks of elks, hares, foxes, small rodents. Although the birds are not very talkative, we still managed to hear and see them. You leave the house — you see a large frozen lake covered with white snow. And looking back – a field, blindingly white, on which a fox hunts and hares run. I also want to say that the Prioksko-Terrasny Reserve is beautiful at any time of the year and in any weather — be it a clear, cool autumn or a cloudy cold winter. If there is an opportunity to go there again, I would never refuse.»

Valeria Mikheeva, 9 years old: «I really liked the Reserve. Here I saw a lot of interesting birds and traces of animals. I also saw a live hare, traces of elk and squirrels.»

Lukina Anastasia, 11 years old: «For two days in the reserve I saw and learned a lot. I have a feeling that we were in the forest for a week – so much has happened to us all! Thanks to the Reserve for a warm welcome!»

Lukina Maria, 10 years old: «It was great! Especially — this. Go, go, and suddenly time! And failed! And also, for the first time in my life I saw a crested tit. Thanks for all!»

Mikityuk Eva, 11 years old: «In the reserve, we went all the time to the routes — to count the birds and explore the territory. And at night, without lights, we went to listen to owls. It was a little scary because the trees were creaking. But I liked it! We also went to the Panikovka river. And I didn’t want to leave the Reserve at all. Thanks to everyone, and especially I thank the director of the reserve for helping young naturalists.»

Every time, returning from our travels to Moscow, we return to the city a little different. We know more, we know how to do something — better, and we are friends — stronger. We are «GREEN DRUZHINA»!

Club «GREEN DRUZHINA» Leader Sergey Baptidanoff