Since 2004, the Prioksko-Terrasny Reserve cooperating with the World Wildlife Fund (WWF of Russia) has been working on the program “Adopt a Bison” aimed at attracting sponsors and improving conditions in the breeding centre.

The program gives an opportunity to continue the long-term work of the wild population restitution of the “king of the bulls” in the European part of Russia.

IMG_0028“Foster parents” get a certificate of adoption, which gives the right to visit the adopted animal at any time and to use the information about participation in the program for promotion. A board with information about the adopter is placed on the bison cage. It allows the reserve to spread information about the program and inform a wide range of visitors about the charitable acts, in which sponsors take part. About 60 thousand citizens of Moscow, the Moscow Region and surrounding regions visit the breeding centre every year. Federal and regional mass media, the online publishing and broadcasting companies are greatly interested in the program. Within the period of the program realization there have been issued about 100 publications and reports about bison of the Prioksko-Terrasny Reserve and their sponsors.

About 50 000 rubles are spent on annual expenses of a bison. This amount includes the cost of the feed, veterinary care, infrastructure sustention of the breeding centre and other needs.

Over 12 years 116 bison found “adoptive parents”. Most program participants adopt their pets from year to year.

Regular support of the partners – individuals, companies and organizations – provides the opportunities for the breeding centre to carry on the work on growing and breeding bison and on the formation of wild populations.

IMG_0058Since 2007, the program symbol has been decorating the driver’s cabin of the ZIL car “Bychok”, which was bought on adopter’s donations specially for bison transporting from the breeding centre to the forest protected areas, their native habitat. The Association of Russian Artists of Aerography (ARAA) made such a contribution to the program.

To take part in the “Adopt a Bison” program you need to:

  1. Download the file: The Contract for Companies, The Contract for Individuals.
  2. Write details in the relevant fields.
  3. Send the completed contract to