Tourist Week-2018

August 16, the opening of the First Tourist Week of Russia’s regions in the city of Moscow on the territory of the Sokolniki Culture and Exhibition Center took place.

The exhibition “Tourist Week-2018” takes place August 16-19, 2018 in Pavilion No. 2 of the Sokolniki Culture and Exhibition Center. Prioksko-Terrasny Reserve took part in this exhibition as one of the natural tourist sites.

At the stand provided by our reserve, master classes were held on the manufacture of crafts made of natural material: a bird made of cloth and a swan made of corn leaves.

Environmental quizzes interested many who want to learn about the flora and fauna of our reserve. Among the participants of the quiz there were no restrictions at the age: adults and children played. Equally interesting activity, especially for teenage children, was the collection of puzzles with the image of a bison and a buffalo.

Delight and a storm of positive emotions were delivered to the participants of the exhibition by growth dolls of bison. Many were willing to take a picture with them, pat their hair, which is so similar to the real one.

The whole exhibition is filled with modern interactive technologies and animated presentations. Products of folk art crafts represented several regions of Russia. They attracted with their diversity and high skill.

During the whole working day of the exhibition music, songs, jokes and laughter sounded. I want to say a big thank you to the organizers of the exhibition. Such events bring people closer together in spirit, interests and give everyone a pleasant chat!