The following is strictly prohibited on the park territory:

  • Throwing rubbish and contaminating the park territory in any way possible;
  • Carrying on weapons, firearms, flammables, explosives, poisonous, odorous or radioactive substances, piercing and cutting items;
  • Destroying, breaking and harming trees, bushes, collecting wildflowers, berries, fruits and mushrooms;
  • Destroying or damaging (also vandalizing) the architectural elements of high-altitude trails, as well as smaller architectural forms (such as dustbins or benches) and other buildings;
  • Alcohol or drug abuse;
  • Walking dogs or other pets;
  • Making campfires, drinking alcohol, eating, setting a barbecue;
  • Breaking the rules of high-altitude trails use;
  • Leaving children unattended.

The park security possesses a right to detain the offender, remove him from the park territory and/or pass him to the law enforcement officers.

When you visit high-altitude trails:

  • You should get acquainted with the safety rules;
  • any visitor breaking the safety rules is to be removed from the territory, or there will be administrative measures taken.

In case you damage the park infrastructure, you must reimburse the damage. The administration is not responsible for any lost or stolen items.

The rules of conduct on the high-altitude trails of the eco-park «Tree-house»:

  1. The visitor should be physically prepared and wear sport clothes and trainers;
  2. Before leaving the visitor must listen to the INSTRUCTION;
  3. The visitor must STRICTLY comply with the instructions;
  4. It is prohibited to use mobile phones, photo or video cameras when you walk on the trail;
  5. It is prohibited to TAKE OFF THE EQUIPMENT on the trail;
  6. TWO RIFLES MUST be fastened to the safety rope when you walk through the obstacles;
  7. When you pass from one obstacle to another, one of the rifles must ALWAYS be fastened to the safety rope;
  8. There must be no more than ONE visitor PER OBSTACLE.
  9. There must be no more than TWO visitors PER PLATFORM.
  10. Before you start the TROLLS obstacle, make sure the previous visitor has UNFASTENED and LEFT the landing zone.

Failure to comply with the rules of conduct on high-altitude trails involves high risk! Children under 14 may visit the routes of the eco-park «Tree-house» only accompanied by an adult, responsible for the actions, life and safety of the child!






Must be accompanied by an adult!

From 4 y.o.

Not more than 50 kilos

Not more than 140 cm


From 4 y.o.

Not more than 50 kilos

From 110 to 140 cm


From 7 y.o.

Not more than 110 kilos

From 125 to 205 cm


From 12 y.o.

Not more than 110 kilos

From 145 to 205 cm

The following is strictly prohibited:

  • An access to people with mental disorders and medical restrictions;
  • An access to people abusing alcohol, drugs or other toxic substances;
  • Passing the routes in open toe shoes, in dresses or skirts;
  • Talking on mobile phone during the instructions and on the route.

If you notice default equipment in the park, immediately inform the staff.

You can use only the park’s safety equipment, which satisfies both Russian all-Union State Standard (ГОСТ) and European Norm (EN). You cannot take the equipment outside the park. After the route every visitor must hand in the equipment to the instructor.

In case you refuse to pass the route after buying the ticket, receiving the equipment and listening to the instructions, the ticket cost is not refunded. The instructor has a right to remove a visitor from the route without an explanation. The administration has a right to refuse a visitor without an explanation.