The following is strictly prohibited on the territory of the Bison Breeding Centre:

  • Wandering away from the main route, getting away from the group, getting off the asphalt road, walking on lawns and resting on them.
  • Passing the tour guide.
  • Making noise, running, swinging your arms, riding ATVs, bikes, scooters, roller skates, skateboards and skiing.
  • Damaging any property of the reserve, including posters and stands.
  • Coming up closer than one meter to the enclosure. Climbing over the fence, putting children on the bars or the fence.
  • Teasing, scaring or touching the animals, leaning against or resting arms on the enclosure, as well as knocking it with different objects or hands to make the animals move.
  • Opening the locks and bars of the enclosure.
  • Breaching the technical zone.
  • Touching animals, reptiles, insects, plants, mushrooms and fruits with your hands and tasting them.

It is necessary to maintain discipline, follow all the tour guide’s instructions and the rules of conduct on the territory of the reserve and the Bison Breeding Centre. Don’t leave the group’s location. Remember about your personal hygiene. Immediately inform the guide about ill health or injures. Professional video footage is allowed only with a permit from the administration of the reserve. It is strictly prohibited to use flash when taking pictures.

Please keep it clean and use the dustbins.

It is strictly prohibited to feed the animals and throw objects into the enclosure in the Bison Breeding Centre. Remember that the animals in reserve are not starving. They get the sufficient amount of food according to the scientifically-designed diets. Feeding the reserve animals can lead to their suffering from gastrointestinal diseases, and sometimes even their death. Chips, crackers, nuts, cookies, rolls, bread and other baked or confectionery products, as well as any other snack, are particularly harmful.

Don’t feed the animals — save their lives!