The International Day of Energy Saving

The International Day of Energy Saving is celebrated on November 11 by initiative of the International School Project on resource and energy management. The corresponding decision was taken in April 2008, and already in autumn there were held first specialized events.

The Day of Energy Saving gained its international status not occasionally: about 20 countries expressed their wish to participate, including Russia.

The main aim of the events is to draw the attention of authorities and general public to the problem of rational resource management and development of sustainable energy resources.

Energy saving plays a crucial role in saving natural resources, making the environment pollution lower and bringing economic profit.

The countries celebrating the Day of Energy Saving hold events informing people about the ways of energy saving and existing sustainable energy sources, as well as telling why it is important to save energy. The most simple measures of energy saving at home are available for everyone.

Ways of energy saving at home:

  • Choose energy saving fluorescent light bulbs for home lightning;
  • When you leave, turn off the light;
  • Learn the peculiarities of work of different electric appliances. For example, your fridge will consume much less energy, if you place it away from the central heating, heating appliances and walls. A vacuum cleaner won’t consume too much energy, if you regularly remove dust from the dust pan. The energy consumption will also go down if you turn down the power of your electric cooker when the pots with food or liquids begin to boil.