The inhabitants of the reserve

Guests from Serpukhov (district) Social and Rehabilitation Center for Minors visited our reserve.
The foundations of the perception of the world are laid in childhood. When the brain still absorbs knowledge like a sponge, everything is interesting and unusual. The whole world lies at your feet, you can learn foreign languages, from afar recognize 9 species of woodpeckers and 7 species of tits, multiply large numbers in your mind. It’s time to learn to love nature, to study the processes taking place in it, to understand your place in this world and your responsibility for it.

Therefore, when children come to Prioksko-Terrasny Zapovednik for environmental events, employees are always very happy, this is a very grateful and inquisitive audience. Especially when these are children from the Serpukhov (district) Social and Rehabilitation Center for minors. We try to meet with them as often as possible. The guys were participants in events dedicated to the “Earth Day”, “Bird Day” and the action “Feed the birds in winter”.

Today, young pupils of the Center were expected by an interesting program called “Inhabitants of the reserve.” It all started with a presentation – a quiz dedicated to the fauna of the Prioksko-Terrasny Reserve. But just listening to a lecture, even a very informative one, can be boring for children – they get enough knowledge at school. The main thing here is to establish feedback – to establish a dialogue, to make sure that the child thinks of everything himself. The school habit of speaking only after I raised my hand helped us a lot this time too, not allowing the temperamental kids to make a funny talk, answering questions.

Further on the program was shown a short film “Winter in the reserve.” Then the children were waiting for solving the ecological crossword puzzle and a workshop on painting gypsum figures. For coloring, children were offered figures of hedgehogs. But our guests did not want to use boring black and gray colors, so the hedgehogs turned motley: magical, fabulous, fantastic. So, at least, the children explained the color scheme of the painted figures.

After watching a short film “Winter in the Prioksko-Terrasny Zapovednik” and solving an ecological crossword puzzle, which was spent a lot of energy on, our guests replenished their strength with delicious cakes and hot tea, because they also had an exciting excursion to the Siberian Husky nursery “Husky evolution”.

On this our event ended. The guys had a good time, and what knowledge they got – we will find out at the next meeting!