The heat for volunteers is not terrible!

On the last Saturday of July, the next open volunteer day was held in the Prioksko-Terras natural state biosphere reserve. Heat 28 degrees C and humidity 95% did not affect the enthusiasm of 25 volunteers.
It was necessary to do a lot of work on the Central Manor: dismantle the old wooden benches and tables, collect apples under forest apple trees for feeding bison.
At the end of all these works, the volunteers moved to the Central Bison Nursery. The apples were handed over to employees caring for animals, so that they checked the quality of apples, distributed to the bison during the evening feeding. Then our volunteers aided in three teams: one painted fences, the other harvested the feed, the third painted the walls of the vegetable store.

At work a few hours passed unnoticed. Traditional tea took place right in the nursery, inside a cozy gazebo. Then imperceptibly tea-drinking passed to the beginning of a cognitive excursion on the theme of creating a reserve and a bison nursery. In a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, the sightseeing of the nursery began: bison and buffalo. Great pleasure to our guests was brought and acquaintance with the amusing ferret Ivan – the general favorite of children and lady.
A hot, but productive day is over, we are grateful to all of our assistants! See you again in 2018!