The Founding Day of All-Russian Society of Nature Conservation

On November 29, 1924, the charter of environmental social organization was established by the initiative and with the participation of significant Russian scientists, public and government leaders, the idea of which was put forward by the Department of Environment of the People’s Commissariat of Education in the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic already in the beginning of 1924.

All-Russian Society of Nature Conservation (ARSNC) is one of the oldest mass organizations which made it into the country history as an authoritative social movement for healthy and positive environment since its very foundation, and also, has contributed to developing the citizen activity on the environment protection and rational resource management.

In 1960 All-Russian Society of Nature Conservation became a part of International Union for Conservation of Nature, and in 1984 was awarded a silver medal of the United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP). The society has organizations in all territorial entities of the Russian Federation, comprising over 3 million members. Due to a great interest in developing an amateur club movement, there are about 24000 science clubs working in the society framework.

As time goes, the maintenance of favourable ecological and social environment in Russia and protection of the environment and diversity of flora and fauna still remain the main purpose of All-Russian Society of Nature Conservation.