The fifth volunteer season is open!

On Saturday, April 21, in the Prioksko-Terrasny reserve, the grand opening of the 5th Volunteering season was held!

By the Decree of the President of Russia, 2018 was declared the Year of the Volunteer.
The event, as usual, was underestimated by the media because of its insignificance on a global scale, but for us it was of great importance!
The beginning was solemn – the officials spoke.

All gathered at the event welcomed Svetlana Rodionova – deputy director of the Prioksko-Terrasny reserve. After it they said: Natalia Danilina – the head of the EcoCentre “Zapovedniki”, Galina Korotaeva – the deputy of the rural settlement “Dankovskoye” and Olga Kabanova – the director of the secondary educational school of the settlement “Dankovskoye”.
To support us came the folk ensemble “Zhelanushki”, who performed several wonderful folk songs.
At the end of the official part of the event, the oak was symbolically planted as a symbol of the volunteer movement. Phenology says that the tree is still asleep, but we hope it will not be much surprised by the change of residence. And we guarantee a small fence and constant watering.
Now it’s time to work! There were a lot of volunteers this time – 98 people!

Several dozens of volunteers came from all over the Moscow region and even from Tula. In addition, organized teams arrived: “Children’s Environmental Center” from Kashira – 16 people, tourist club ” Middle earth” – 5 people, Educational School “Serpukhov College” – 8 people, Arneevsky Village House of Culture – 9 people and, of course, our schoolchildren from Danki settlements – 12 people.
The works were diverse: one team cleaned the garbage along the Danki-Turovo road, another set the order on the Central Manor, but most of the volunteers worked at the bison nursery. They planted a goat willow, a favorite bison delicasy, cleaned the feeding grounds, removed the remains of the branches in the enclosures. Works, of course, are far from romantic, but extremely important and necessary!

The volunteers cleaned up the vegetable store and near the fodder, which caused admiration of the nursery workers – they say, it was so clean there for a long time!
All gathered together only after a few hours, after a traditional tea party. But it was a very special day! Therefore, at a friendly table was held a small lottery with memorable prizes. Then tireless volunteers went on an excursion to the Central Bison Nursery, after their return a bus was waiting for them, taking everyone to Serpukhov Station.
So, the beginning has been made – the volunteer season is open, it was nice to meet our regular assistants and meet new friends!

We express our gratitude to all! And see you again! There are a lot of such meetings this year!