The Day of Reserve Employees of Reserve Management and Studies in Russia


This unofficial holiday was established by the heads of reserves during a meeting in 1999. The Ministry of Resource Management and Environment of Russia supported the initiative. And, as the resolution of that seminar meeting took place on October 14, the board decided to consider that day a professional holiday.

Reserve Management and Studies deal with the protection of the perfect untouched areas, unique natural objects and complexes of our planet by creating a network of specially protected natural areas (SPNA). The main purpose of the holiday does not consist only in cherishing those who have devoted their lives to this occupation, but also drawing Russian citizens’ attention to the problem of Reserve Management and Studies. After all, the system of Reserve Management and Studies of our country is a true national patrimony which everyone should be proud of.

As the tradition goes, the historic timeline of Reserve Management and Studies starts in 1916.

The first Russian reserve “Barguzinsky” was established that year on the coast of Lake Baikal. It was created with a purpose of recovery and protection of the sable population. Today the system of specially protected natural areas in Russia includes 247 federal territories and over 12000 territories of regional significance in different categories. Besides, the most valuable natural complexes are a big part of the whole scale of the SPNA system, which core is made up of 109 state natural reserves, 46 national parks, 70 national wildlife sanctuaries and 28 national natural monuments.

Thanks to all the effort of reserves employees, it is still possible to save these unique landscapes and the diversity of flora and fauna in their original form on the territory of our country. Thanks to them, it became possible to save the sable, the beaver, the Amur tiger, the European bison, the deer and many other animals from extinction. Today you can see most of them only in reserves.

The Prioksko-Terrasny Reserve takes an active part in saving the population of the European Bison, the symbol of the environmental movement for saving rare and endangered animal species. Because of its nursery breeding it has become the only world species, which was not only saved from extinction in captivity, but also successfully returned to wildlife!