The Day of Forest Workers


The Day of Forest Workers is celebrated on the third Sunday of September. It is a professional holiday of people whose labor multiplies forest riches and promotes their sustainable use. The date was set by the decree of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR from October 1, 1980 «On public holidays and commemorative days».

Forest is the greatest natural wealth, the guarantee of environmental security and the basis for the economic stability of the country. According to the state registration on the January 1, 2011 the forest area in the Russian Federation amounted to 1.1833 billion hectares, 1,144,100,000 of which are included in the forest fund.

In 1703, Peter I introduced strict government regulation of use of forest resources along river banks (with a width of 50 miles – along the major rivers and 20 – along the small ones). He also banned the lumbering of the most valuable ship trees, and ordered to make forest reserves famous. Describing the forest resources became the first step towards their rational use and development of forest protection system. Work on the conservation of forest resources is ongoing. In 2004 in accordance with the Forest Code of the Russian Federation, a package of measures has been introduced, which includes rational use and restoration of forests, fire fighting, protection from pests and diseases, forest monitoring and etc..

Forests have been and remain the most important natural resources in the vast areas of the country. Conservation, multiplication, thoughtful and rational use of this precious national treasure is a duty not only of forestry, but also of all the society.