The Birth of a Bison

In the beginning of October the staff of the Bison Breeding Centre were looking forward to the next calving of Muzinda, whose labour was being late in comparison with other females.

For the last two months the bison could be easily distinguished from other pregnant females by her heavily enlarged sides. The staff predicted that the bison was going to have twins, even though everybody knows that this is quite rarely the case with the bisons. In fact, a bison mother would rather have one strong baby then two weak and small ones. Moreover, the female usually grows more accustomed to only one of the calves. It is usually hard to breast-feed both. Very often they just feed only one calve, while the other might die or get lost.

The long expected birth came on October 12 – Muzinda gave birth to a large calve which was a reason behind her corpulent appearance. Since the first minutes the mother and her baby have been feeling well. The new-born has enough time to grow a thick fur which means he is going to stand the winter very well.

This event has completed the cycle of calving in the Bison Breeding Centre of the Prioksko-Terrasny Reserve, during which 13 European and 2 American bisons were born.