The addition in the buffalo family

The second year the female buffalo in the Prioksko-Terrasny reserve produces offspring in October.

The main calving time of bison and buffalo is the period from mid-April to July. Born calves must grow stronger over the summer to survive the winter. However, the inhabitants of the Bison Breeding Centre occur regardless of the season, because throughout the year animals are being offered hay, vegetables and combined feed.

October 14th the female buffalo Mastra brought a calf (presumably a female). The last time Mastra calved a year ago, in October. The first few days the mother with a newborn calf is keeping in the back of the paddock walking to the trough only briefly. All of the buffalo family led by a young male Mavreliy are keeping nearby. A young “half-sister” is already trying to play with a baby calf under the watchful eye of her mother.

Photo: Kulichenko A. V.

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