Summer, hi again!

The climate conditions have turned summer back: the secondary flowering of wildflowers began in the middle of the reserve on the Rodnikovaya Meadow.

The secondary flowering is quite typical for these places. Every year the grasslands become bright and colourful in mid- July, and once again at the end of August though in a smaller quantity. The only exception to this are dry years.

Everything is in bloom: the heartsease, the common knotgrass, the maiden pink and even the Globeflower, the flowering of which is a very rare occasion. Scientists link this phenomenon to the weather conditions of the current and last summers, when plants laid flower buds for the next year.

After moving the grass at the Rodnikovaya Meadow, the flowering of such wildflowers as the yarrow, the field scabious, the burweed, the addersmeat, the goatsbeard, the goldmoss stonecrop, the blue cow wheat, the meadow buttercup, the Scotch mist, the meadow geranium, the meadow pea and the mountain clover continued. The number of blooming species is relatively low due to the activity of wild boars that diligently scoured the meadow, overturned the sod in some places and ate the roots of the plants. The meadowsweet suffered the most as it is a treat for these animals.

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