Meet Winter Birds

On November 23, the staff of the reserve held a lesson for third-graders of the Lipitsk Middle School. This time the students got to know with the peculiarities of the habitat of the birds, staying in the Moscow region for winter.

Thanks to an exciting presentation about wintering birds, prepared by the experts of the department of environmental education, the students met the feathered friends, or rather their photos on the slides. At the lesson the children have learnt a lot about the different kinds of woodpeckers and bluetits, the differences in birds of similar color, peculiarities of feeding them in winter.

Divided into two teams, the participants competed to collect bird jigsaw puzzles and then sorted out the cards with the wintering and migrating and played in the «associations» game. The game fascinated their teachers as well, together with the children, they guessed the birds and also sincerely enjoyed the victories. Finally, the most important task was solving a crossword puzzle. The young participants were attentive in this difficult task, and both teams have completed their tasks at the same time.

Being active and interested, the children eagerly shared their impressions, asked questions and answered them together, once again proving how interested they became in the matters and concerns about the animal ecology. Together, with prompts and leading questions, the children have become true connoisseurs of birds. Now they will never mix the hooded Crow with the western jackdaw and the crossbill with the sparrow.

All participants of the meeting thanked the guests from the reserve for the interesting and exciting experience. The adults have noted that they learned a lot of new and interesting information. All those present were given memorable souvenirs and, of course, a memorable photo.