Seven of the bravest

Last weekend, the cold weather did not at all dispose to a volunteer day. But on Saturday, November 3, in spite of everything, volunteers gathered in the Central Manor of Prioksko-Terrasny Reserve.
The sky, which had just flooded the earth with light rain, decided to make a short break for the sake of such brave people. Therefore, the raincoats and rubber boots prepared in advance were not needed.
Seven volunteers came to our rescue. Despite the small number of workers, the tasks were set serious and time consuming.

On the eve of winter and it is necessary to prepare for it. The volunteers immediately got down to business – a special container was filled with materials left over from the old barn that had been dismantled, the branches of a tree that had fallen near the fire pond were removed, and moved to the benches from the central square until spring.

Ping took a few hours, after which it was time to rest.

As we have done, volunteers visited bison at the nursery, got acquainted with the Museum of Nature, visited the ecological path “Through the Foliage” – which is probably already working last weekend, before closing until spring. Naturally, before these activities, everyone was given a delicious tea.

As soon as all the planned activities were completed and the tired volunteers set off on their way back, the sky again began to drizzle with a sad autumn rain, which could no longer spoil a good mood, from a fruitfully spent day.
Thank you all and see you soon! And when they happen, it depends only on the weather!