Russian Forest Planting Day

Every year in May, a campaign named “Russian Forest Planting Day”, organized on the initiative of the Federal Forestry Agency, is carried out.

Community Cleanup Days on tree planting are held in many forest areas of the Russian Federation, as well as in cities and settlements.

Russian Forest Planting Day was first held in 2011, which was proclaimed by the United Nations as the «International Year of the Forest». This environmental initiative was supported by the Government of the Russian Federation, and it was decided to hold the National Forest Planting Day annually. The second Saturday of May is considered to be the official date of the event. In 2015, the festival is scheduled for May 9, though the decision is inconclusive, since the weather may be unpredictable. In some regions, the main events in honor of this day are held a little earlier or later than the nationwide date, at most convenient time for the territory.

Russian Forest Planting Day is organized not only to support the idea of reviving forests, but also to draw the general public and government officials’ attention to environmental education and culture of proper behavior in the woods.