Prioksko-Terrasny Biosphere Reserve in the Global Biodiversity Information Facility (GBIF)

May 15-17 in Moscow, the Institute of Oceanology of the Russian Academy of Sciences hosted a GBIF seminar on digitizing collections and publishing data via the portal using IPT.

The deputy director for scientific work of the Prioksko-Terrasny Biosphere Reserve Yuri Buivolov took part in this seminar-training. The master class was held by the leading Russian and foreign experts in this field. Participants have increased their knowledge of the use of global biodiversity data and methods of digitizing biological collections and preparing for the publication of data on biodiversity.

In the near future, the reserve plans to continue this work and significantly increase the number of published records. Number of biodiversity records Russia in the system has already exceeded 1 million, and the total number is close to a billion. Yuri Buivolov commented on the need for this work: “In science, it is not important only to collect and process the data, but it is of no small importance to save them and make the result of your work accessible to people. For a year and a half, our data has already received 5 references from publications, including in refereed journals. Through the publication of data in GBIF, we can assess the relevance and international relevance of our work. In addition, it is a reliable way to save data and to establish authorship. ”
In September 2018 in Irkutsk there will be a conference on the Global Biodiversity Information Facility, where Y.Buivolov plans to submit a report on the activities of the Prioksko- Terrasny biosphere reserve.

The Prioksko-Terrasny Biosphere Reserve has been registered on the network since 2016 and is currently the only reserve in Russia that published data on the biodiversity of the reserve and the collected herbarium in this Global Biodiversity Information Facility (GBIF) – a total of more than 26,000 records of biological finds in reserve.