The old forest of the Prioksko-Terrasny reserve is absolutely unique. The access to its territory is strictly prohibited and requires a special permission for everyone but the Biosphere Reserve employees.

A list of tourist attractions open to public:

  • The eco-trail with a visit to the Bison Breeding Centre, the Museum of Nature and the Central Manor;
  • The ecological adventure park «Tree-house»;
  • A high-altitude eco-trail «Through the leaves».


The reserve provides all the conditions for inexpensive eco-holiday in Moscow region. The access to the recreational area is available with tickets only. When you buy the ticket, you agree to comply with the Rules and hold responsibility for breaking them. Parents are responsible for all their kids’ actions. Teachers and attenders are responsible for the behavior of organized tour groups members.

The following is strictly prohibited on the territory of tourist attractions:

  • Possession of weapons.
  • Pets.
  • Alcohol, drug or toxic abuse.
  • Smoking and drinking alcohol.
  • Touching the museum exhibits and animals.
  • Breaching the enclosures.
  • Making photo or video with additional equipment without a special permission by the reserve head or his deputies.
  • Swimming in the reservoirs and sunbathing on lawns.
  • Walking on lawns and having picnics.
  • Destroying, breaking or harming trees and bushes; collect wildflowers, berries, fruits and mushrooms; cutting down fir trees, picking flowers from flower beds, cutting grass with no permission.
  • Making campfires, cooking, having barbecues and drinking alcohol.
  • Setting old grass, forest bedding and felling debris on fire.
  • Contaminating the territory with construction or household waste, making dumps.
  • Destroying or vandalizing (e.g.writing or drawing on) the buildings fronts, smaller architectural forms (such as dustbins, benches, etc.) and other constructions.
  • Installing tents, marquees, huts, etc.
  • Establishing any kind of economic, commercial or other activity without an agreement with the reserve administration.

Downloaded The Visiting Rules.

The eco-trail with a visit to the Bison Breeding Centre, the Museum of Nature and the Central Manor

To visit these tourist attractions, please, follow the main route marked with indexes and special signs and only accompanied by the tour guide.

When you visit the Bison Breeding Centre, please, remember that it is a high-risk facility. Bisons are big, strong and wild, so any direct contact with them is highly undesirable and potentially dangerous.

A visit to the Bison Breeding Centre will leave only nice memories, if you follow the rules of conduct, carefully listen to the tour guide and pay attention to the information stands.

Please do not leave kids unattended when you visit the Bison Breeding Centre. Keep the kids by hand, in a perambulator or in arms. In case of special requirements or emergency contact the reserve administration.

From October, 1, 2016 guided tours are organized daily from 09.00 to 15.00 (the last tour starts at 15.00).

The ecological adventure park «Tree-house»

We try to make your stay in the park more comfortable and positive. In our turn we would like to ask you to comply with the rules of conduct, which will help you and other visitors to have the most enjoyable experience.

  • The eco-park is a public place which is very popular with kids, so we kindly ask you to be polite to each other, avoid smoking, bad language and looking indecent.
  • Please strictly follow all the staff’s instructions , the rules of conduct for visiting the routes of the park, age and weight restrictions. Remember, it is important for your safety and safety of your kids.
  • Please pay for the ticket to the park only in the ticket office of the reserve. Save the ticket till you leave the reserve. The administration cannot guarantee the service if the ticket is missing.
  • If you are not satisfied with the service or there is a problem, do not try to solve it with the instructor or cashier, demand to see a member of the administration.

Attention! From September, 12, 2016 working hours are: 
Friday – 10:00 – 19:00;
Saturday – 10:00 – 19:00;
Sunday – 10:00 – 19:00.
Days off: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday.

A high-altitude eco-trail «Through the leaves»

You are going to experience a small, but very exciting journey — a walk on a high-altitude eco-trail which goes through the treetops of our wonderful forest. You will see it in all its colors, as the sun brushes through the leaves reflecting a mosaic of lights and shadows and all the gorgeousness and variety of watercolors with which the nature paints its masterpieces. To make the best of your experience, please follow these simple rules of conduct.

The territory of the reserve is under surveillance. The fine for breaking the rules is 5000 rubles.

In case you need an urgent medical assistance; find unattended or suspicious objects, fire spots, illegal wood cutting; or a crime attempt — please immediate contact the administration by phone: +7 496 770 71 47, or 01 (EMERCOM).