Photo Contest for Environmental Protection

The Ecological Deed Inter-Regional Photo Contest is complete.

On October 23 the jury voted to name the winner of the ecological photography contest, which was organized in two stages: Best Landscape Object and We Want the World to Happen Again.

Photography is the art of showing the world around us. The willingness of people to capture the beauty and diversity of nature, to express their attitude towards environmental problems, to interpret it creatively is a big contribution to the whole environmental protection activity. That is why the goals of the photo contest was to initiate people into ecological problem solving, to harness careful and thoughtful eco-friendly attitude towards the environment and natural resources.

The jury came to a conclusion that all the presented works correspond with the stated goals. The participants of different age and photography experience chose interesting objects and successfully sent the message of nature protection.

The best works of the Ecological Deed Inter-Regional Photo Contest are by Kirsanova Natalia Yegorovna (36 years old, from Novosibirsk Region) and by Kozlova Elena Alexandrovna (32 years old, from the city of Cherepovets).

People’s Choice Award goes to Tsimarkina Victoria (11 years old, Lipitsy Village, Serpukhov Region). Her work called The Green Monument to Imperishable Memory of the Hero received 212 votes.

The organizers of the contest thank all the participants for their interest, active contribution, understanding and good reviews and wishes. The contest became a lesson to foster thoughtful attitude towards the environment and active interest in the issue of conservation of their local natural heritage. One of the slogans of the contest was: If our generation doesn’t do the impossible, the unthinkable will become our future. There is nothing impossible in taking care of your home village clean environment, in protecting local fields, forests and rivers from pollution. The Prioksko-Terrasny Zapovednik team believes that the contest helped us acquire more associates in this valuable activity.