Phenology Seminar for Nature Reserve Inspectors

Monitoring of Plants and Animals Behavioral Changes seminars continue.

On October 11 the Prioksko-Terrasny Zapovednik organized a workshop with the Forest Department, which became another one in a series of events. This time the theme was the phenological monitoring of nature in autumn and pre-winter seasons, tracking changes and description. Every seminar of the series was very popular with inspectors.


Our inspectors have many interesting and useful observations of nature, collected during their everyday work in the forest. They had diaries to make notes, shared their observations with Science Department and Ecological Education Department, asked for advice, which one of the observations is more important than the others.


The workshop was not purely theoretical – all the observations were checked during a tour to the protected forest. The Forest Protection Team said that the seminars help a lot in their everyday work and they would like the series to continue.