Our volunteers

On Saturday, June 30, a large-scale volunteer event was held in the Prioksko-Terrasny Reserve.

43 employees of SCM GROUP together with family members arrived on a clear Saturday morning to work in nature. Our old good friends from Ecocenter«Zapovedniki» took over the organization and coordination.

SCM GROUP is a large manufacturer of woodworking equipment, so we tried to find work on the Central Manor also related to wood. The main task was to dismantle the wooden slide, which had become dilapidated and dangerous, to keep good boards, and to discard everything unfit.

The youngest volunteers engaged in the processing of the wooden scene – it was several times impregnated with a special solution from rotting. Another team began to repair the pavillions. For several hours the friendly work went on. In addition to the planned amount of work, fences were painted and grass was mowed.

During a lunch break, a powerful thunderstorm hit the reserve, the torrential rain was a wall. But as soon as everyone gathered for the tour – the rain stopped! It became fresh and clean. On the Central Bison nursery, the bison were all nearby, so that unforgettable impressions were not only in memory, but also in beautiful photos.
We are very grateful to our assistants! This year, many necessary and useful things have been done by the volunteers.
The year of the volunteer continues! Until next time, friends!