Our irreplaceable helpers

On April 27, our old friends and irreplaceable helpers from the Gazprom transgaz Moscow branch arrived in the Prioksko-Terrasny reserve.

No doubt, twenty pairs of strong hands were very helpful in our huge economy, urgent spring business for them will always be found!

Divided into teams, all immediately began to work. Since the winter, a lot of important economic affairs have accumulated in the Central Bison nursery. In addition, the recent hurricane, swept through Moscow and the Moscow region, left behind a lot of fallen trees. They had to be sawed right on the spot in the nursery, and the hedger damage quickly eliminated.
Under the guidance of the nursery staff, the work has gone actively!

The technique was not as strong as these people – very soon one of the chainsaws broke down! But an ax in skilled hands is also a great tool.
After effective work our volunteers changed their clothes and left. But we say good-bye to them for a short time, and always look forward to our wonderful assistants and their families!