Our buffalo Mavr and Marfusha in hotel «Shishki na Lampushke»

On the evening of October 18, a loaded wagon left Prioksko-Terrasny Reserve. The car immediately headed north. It was a very unusual cargo!
Of the two large cages, reinforced in the back of a car, there were strange sounds like growling or grunting. Two shaggy beasts were housed there. These were two year old bison from the Central Bison Nursery.

In our kennel there lives one family of North American buffalo, the close relatives of the bison, and only in our nursery can these two species be seen side by side, in neighboring enclosures.
In the buffalo families, we often have offspring. We send all young buffalo to zoos in various parts of Russia and sometimes even to other countries. At will, in nature, we never let them out.

Male buffalo Moor and female Marfush set out to live in their new home. Now in the zoo of the country hotel “Shishki na Lampushke”, which located in the Leningrad region, our pets settled.

We have already been informed that the buffalo arrived well. We are waiting for good news.